Elite Dance Cup is a nationally recognized dance competition where you will walk away not only enriched by your experience, but also with a greater appreciation for the performing arts.

Your experience at Elite Dance Cup competition will be an entertaining and enjoyable event for all who attend. All competitors and teachers alike will gain self-confidence, improve performance skills, and cultivate friendships that will last a lifetime. All will leave with a renewed determination to be even more successful the next competition season.

Elite Dance Cup has hired a professional staff well versed in dance, specifically competition dance. They certainly understand what you expect at a competition and will motivate and inspire all who attend.

Each and every Elite Dance Cup competition will be action packed, fun and strictly family oriented. We will run on time, every time, with friendly personalized service. We recruit top notch professional judges that will offer impartial and constructive video critiques for each performance that will motivate and inspire dancers of all ages and ability levels. Our exciting awards presentation will focus on every dancer by utilizing the adjudicated award system. At the same time, overall awards, scholarships, and cash awards will keep competitors continually striving for excellence.

Elite Dance Cup recognizes that the work of a teacher extends far beyond the classroom. We will do everything possible to assure your weekend with us is enjoyable, stress-free and rewarding. We appreciate your support and will award teachers with cash rebates, gift certificates, and most importantly Cash Awards that specifically spotlight the teachers talent, training and hard work. Elite Dance Cup believes it is time for competitions to recognize that each wonderfully staged performance is the direct result of the talent and hard work of a special teacher.

When scheduling competitions for the upcoming season, please consider joining us for the 2024 Season of Elite Dance Cup. We promise it to be “An Experience Like No Other”.